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The Beekeepers


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Beekeepers have been keeping bees for over three thousand years.

Why are they dying now?


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"Richard Knox Robinson’s, experimental short documentary, The Beekeepers, explores the Colony Collapse Disorder, the threatened extinction of bees throughout the world as a result of the changing environment. The film artfully utilizes the documentary form to chart the element of mystery in this environmental phenomenon.".

Jericho Parms

Capturing Controversy: A Look at Activist Filmmaking

The Independent


"This video is highly recommended to an adult audience of high school and college adults."

Buzz Haughton

Educational Media Reviews Online


"Director Richard Robinson mixes ancient accounts of beekeeping, black and white film clips, contemporary film with his own artistic narrative..."

James Nelson

Sundance Goes Green as The Environment Takes Spotlight



"The Beekeepers features lyrical imagery depicting bees and hives, crafting a visually provocative artwork that captures Robinson’s own awe for bees."

Holly Willis

The Bearers of Bad News: Doc Makers on How to Engage Viewers While Delivering Dire Facts