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2015               Seine-Saint-Denis, France.  Selection of Song of the Cicadas.


2015               National Portrait Gallery.  Finalist for Portrait Competition for collaborative digital video, My Big Head.


2015               Rappahanock Film Festival Sceening of RothsteinÕs First Assignment, with discussion.


2015               Indiana University of Pennsylvania.  Screening of RothsteinÕs First Assignment with discussion.  


2014               New Image Gallery, JMU. Exhibit of RothsteinÕs First Assignment the Re-photographic Project with film screening and talk. 


2014               Mountain Film Festival  in Telluride, CO.  Screening of Song of the Cicadas


2014               Rencontres du Cinema, Paris.  Screening of Song of the Cicadas


2014               Radford University, screening of RothsteinÕs First Assignment. 


2014               James River Film Festival. Screening of Song of the Cicadas.


2013               Taubman Museum. Roanoke, Va.  Reunion:Highlights of the Collection. Group show featuring MuseumÕs Permanent Collection. 


2013               Mountain Lake Biological Center, Virginia.  Screening of Song of The Cicadas as part of artist residency at UVA Biological Center. 


2013               The Birdhouse Theater.  Knoxville, TN.  Screening of RothsteinÕs First Assignment sponsored by the Appalachian Community Fund.   


2013               Mohonk Resort. New York.   Screening of Song of the Cicadas as part of Insect Music event.


2013               UCLA Art Sci Center and Lab. Insect Music.  Judson Church, New York. Presentation of film Song of the Cicadas as part of event surrounding the emergence of Magicicada in New York. 


2012               Watch Docs Human Rights Film Festival.  Warsaw, Poland.  Screening of RothsteinÕs First Assignment. 


2012               Martin Street Gallery, NC.  Mimesis.  Exhibit of Contemporary Photography.  Pam Pecchio juror. 


2012               Library of Virginia.  Screening of RothsteinÕs First Assignment with panel discussion.


2012               World of Knowledge International Film Festival. St Petersburg, Russia.  Screening of RothsteinÕs First Assignment. 


2012               Bosch Art Film Festival.  Amsterdam, The Netherlands.  Screening of RothsteinÕs First Assignment.


2011               Sweet Briar College, Va.  Screening of RothsteinÕs First Assignment


2011               Virginia Film Festival.  Screening of RothsteinÕs First Assignment with panel discussion. 


2011               Southern Appalachian International Film Festival.  Screening of RothsteinÕs First Assignment. 


2011               Seattle International Film Festival.  Jury Selection of RothsteinÕs First Assignment.  Nominated for Best Documentary Grand Jury Competition 


2011               Visual Arts Center Virginia.  Exhibit of works from RothsteinÕs First Assignment. 


2011               Virginian Museum of Fine Arts.  Screening of RothsteinÕs First Assignment as part of the James River Film Festival.


2011               Culture Unplugged.  Online Documentary Film Festival.  The Beekeepers.


2011               Washington and Lee University.  Screening of RothsteinÕs First Assignment. 


2011               Woodberry Forest School.  Screening of RothsteinÕs First Assignment. 


2011               Virginia Student Film Festival.  Guest speaker/ Screening of The Beekeepers. 


2011               Richmond Environmental Film Festival.  Screening of The Beekeepers.


2011               Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.  Group Screening of Artists Films


2010               Virginia Tech.  Screening of RothsteinÕs First Assignment. with panel.


2010               Piedmont Arts Association.  Mimetic Tales of Ragged Mountain.  Exhibit of short film as part of a group show of Poe influenced art works.


2010               Chroma Projects Art Laboratory.  Mimetic Tales of Ragged Mountain. Exhibit Screening of Short Film.


2009               RIDM (Rencontres internationales du documentaire de Montrˇal). Screening of The Beekeepers.


2009               Vancouver International Film Festival.  Screening of The Beekeepers.


2009               Driver Fund. Screening/Lecture of The Beekeepers.  Randolph College.


2009               The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative.  Charlottesville, VA Screening of The Beekeepers


2009               Look 3 Festival of the Photograph.  Screening of The Beekeepers Charlottesville, VA


2009               Electric Arts Intermix. ADA Gallery Richmond,VA  Screening of The Beekeepers.


2009               Marfa Ballroom.  Marfa Texas.  Screening of The Beekeepers.


2009               Mountain Film Festival, Telluride, Co.  Screening of  The Beekeepers


2009               Hot Docs Film Festival, Toronto.  Screening of The Beekeepers


2009               Sundance Film Festival.  Screening of The Beekeepers, Experimental Documentary Short. New Frontier Short Category.  Park City, UT


2009               Atlanta Film Festival.  Screening of The Beekeepers  Experimental Short.  Jury Award Best Short Documentary.


2009               Oxford Film Festival.  Screening of The Beekeepers, Experimental Documentary Short. Oxford, MS


2009               Live Arts.  Charlottesville, VA.  "Honey Sweet Pommegranite Seeds" (Hymn to Demeter).  Experimental dance/video performance.  Rose Pasquarello Beauchamp Choreographer, Judith Shatin Audio Composition.


2007               University of Virginia.  Helms Theater "Honey Sweet Pomegranate Seeds (Hymn to Demeter)."  Experimental dance/video performance.  Rose Pasquarello Beauchamp, Choreographer; Judith Shatin,  Audio Composition.


2006               Orange Arts Center.  "The Art of Documentary Photography," curator/ exhibiter in Group Show with William Albert Allard and Paul DÕAmato.


2006               Walker Arts Center. "New Directions."  Solo Show.  Woodberry Forest School, Woodberry, Virginia


2005               Big Apple Film Festival, co director of film short, ŅBlue,Ó screened at the Maya Deren             Theater, New York.  


2005               University of Virginia.  Hadrian's Coffee.  Exhibit of images from Italy.   


2002               Art Museum of Western Virginia.  Roanoke, Virginia.  "Contemporary Photography in Virginia." Group Show with Virginia Photographers including Sally Mann.


1996               University of the Arts, Philadelphia, Pa  "AIDS East and West A Cross Cultural Look at the Epidemic,"   Solo Exhibition/Lecture.







2014               Creative Capital.  On Our Radar.  First round acceptance for Letter from         



2012               Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Fellowship.  Scott Rothkopf Juror.


2011               Tyrone Guthrie Center.  Artist Fellowship in Ireland.   


2010               Virginia Center for the Creative Arts.  Artist Fellowship at residency program.


2009               Atlanta Film Festival.  Best Documentary Jury Prize for ŅThe BeekeepersÓ


2008               Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, Artist Fellow at Residency Program.


2006               Society of Publication Designers Award of distinction for Travel Story on Big Sur, CA.  Spirit Magazine (Southwest Airlines)


2000               Lowell Thomas Award, Gold Award for photography from the Society of

                        American Travel Writers for story on Hemingway's Key West. 


1999               Ozzie Awards, Honorable Mention in Best Use of Photography category for Southwest Airlines (Spirit Magazine) story on Hemingway's Key West.


1998               Communication Arts, Featured in Photography Annual for series on Paris. 


1995               American Photography 10,  award of excellence for Magazine Story, "A

                        Journal From the Plague Years,  Life in an AIDS Clinic"       


1994               D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities and the National Endowment for the Arts , received TAP Grant for solo exhibition, "The Streets of Kathmandu.


1994               Society of Publication Designers, featured in annual awards issue for cover of  story ,"A Journal From the Plague Years,  Life in an AIDS Clinic" 



Teaching Experience



2014               University of Virginia.  Lecturer for Semester at Sea Program (Summer) photography and filmmaking. 


2011-15         Virginia Commonwealth University.  Adjunct Prof Filmmaking.


2010               Washington and Lee University, Adjunct Photography Instructor.  Winter Term.


2008-10         Woodberry Forest School.  Instructor Photography and Filmmaking. 


2008               Virginia Commonwealth University, Photography Instructor. Introductory Digital Photography.


2006               University of Virginia, Adj Prof  for Summer Program in Italy



2002-07         Montserrat College of Art, .  Photography Instr for Summer                 

                         Residency  program in Italy. 


1999-07         Randolph-Macon Woman's College[1] ,  Adjunct Position teaching                  

                        Introductory and Advanced photography as well as Intro Digital Video Production.



1997-1999    Woodberry Forest School, Trimester Courses in photography.












June     2013           The New Yorker.  Talk of the Town article on David Rothenberg and screening of Song of the Cicadas. Nick Paumgarten.

May      2013            Ear to the Earth.  Network for Environmental Sound Art.  Review of screening of Song of the Cicadas. 


May      2013   The Classical Music Network.  Review of screening of Song of the Cicadas at Judson Church, New York. 


May      2013            New York Times Arts Beat. A Concert 17 Years in the Making.  Blog article for screening at Judson Church in NY of Song of the Cicadas.


March   2013             Journal of American History. Letters to the Editor re: RothsteinÕs First Assignment. 


June      2012            Journal of American History. Review of RothsteinÕs First Assignment by JI Deutsch.  



Nov       2011            Anthropology Review Database.  Review of RothsteinÕs First Assignment by Jack David Eller. 


Nov       2011            WVTF Public Radio.  A Dark Part of VirginiaÕs Past Comes to the Big Screen.  Story on RothsteinÕs First Assignment. 


Nov       2011            The Daily Progress.  Story of Displaced SNP Families Consumes Filmmaker.  Story on RothsteinÕs First Assignment. 


Nov       2011            NBC 29  Experimental Documentary Tells a Different Story.  Story on RothsteinÕs First Assignment. 


Aug       2011             Nature Class and New Deal Literature.  The Country Poor and the

Great Depression.  Routledge Transnational Perspectives on American Literature.  Stephen Fender.  Discusses: RothsteinÕs First Assignment.


Aug       2011            Time Light Box.  Article on RothsteinÕs First Assignment.


Sum      2011            Piedmont Virginian.  Article on RothsteinÕs First Assignment. 



Oct        2009            Capturing Controversy: A Look At Activist Filmmaking The Independent.  Jericho Parms.  Review of artists and activist filmmaking


Jan        2009            Sundance goes Green as Environment Takes Spotlight.  AFP.  James Nelson.  Included in review of Sundance Films with Environmental Themes.


Jan         2009           The Bearers of Bad News: Doc Makers on How to Engage Viewers While Delivering Dire Facts.  By Holly Willis.  Inside Sundance.  Included in Survey of Doc Filmmkakers at Sundance.








Selected Publications




Apr    2008   10 Questions   Randy Pausch  Time Magazine.


Dec     2005   The Big Picture Smithsonian Magazine story on O Winston Link


May    2005   Baptism on Navy Ship Life Magazine, Unpublished


Jan      2005   Into Big Sur Spirit Magazine, Feature Story on Big Sur,CA


Jul       2004   Sun Magazine, Image from NYC series published for feature July, 04


Jul       2004   A Family Divided Time Magazine, Feature on Descendants of Jefferson.


May    2004   OldSalem Smithsonian Magazine, Travel Feature on Old Salem, NC .


Spr    2004   Writing the World: On globalization  Terra Nova Ed, MIT Press


Feb     2004   An Island in Winter Spirit Magazine  Black and White Travel Feature on

                        Tangier Island. 



Sep    2003   Customs of Color  Brides Magazine, Documentary Story on an African

                        American Wedding in Maryland.


Fall      2003   Sun Magazine, Series of Works for publ from Nepal Series,                            

                        NYC Series and the Paris series.


June    2003   Siting Jefferson, Portraits of artists including Ann Hamilton.

                        Dennis Oppenheim and Agnes Denes. University of Virginia Press.


Nov    2002  Apples of Your Eye Smithsonian Magazine, Feature on heirloom         



Apr     2002  Yoga Heats Up Washington Post, Weekend Cover Story on Yoga.


Apr     2001   Living a Tradition Smithsonian Magazine, Feature story on Shaker 

                        Villages of  New England.


Jul       2000   Festival at the Temple Feature Washington Post Story on Laotian Temple

                      in Virginia (Wat Lao Buddhavong).


Mar     1999   Racing to Round Up Readers Smithsonian Magazine,  feature on Larry

                        McMurtry's bookstore in Texas. 


Mar     1999  The Old Man and the Keys, Spirit Magazine (Southwest Airlines)location

                        feature on Hemingway's Key West. 


Jan      1999   Winter Getaways National Geographic Traveler, Travel Column featuring       



Oct      1998   Virginia Real Washington Post Magazine,feature on Virginia Writer Donald McCaig. 


Jul       1997   Pipe Dreams  Smithsonian Magazine, Feature on Pipe Organ Building in       

                      New York, Montreal and Charlottesville.


Spr     1997  Quaker Village of Waterford,Virginia.   Veranda Magazine 



Aug     1996.  A Passage From India, Washington Post Magazine feature on a traditional Indian (Hindu)Wedding in Washington, D.C. 


Jan      1996   Farmville: A Burden of History  feature story on efforts to preserve school               

                       as landmark of civil rights history.  Brown vs Board of Education.                 


Oct      1995   Enchanted Isle, Historic Preservation Magazine,  Cultural Piece on

                      Ossabaw Island, GA



Oct      1994   Voudou Village Discovery Channel  feature on Oyotunji Village in South

                        Carolina.  October '94.


Aug     1994   Cultural Feature on AIDS/HIV in Nepal.  Discovery Channel


Sep    1994   Island Haven Historic Preservation Magazine,  Feature on the Historic Penn Center of St. Helena Island, South Carolina.


Aug     1994   Song of Coal Mid Atlantic Country Magazine  feature on Judith Shatin's

                        Appalachia/Computer Docu-Opera.  August '94


Nov    1993   Life in an AIDS Clinic, A Journal from the Plague Years. Discovery                                   

                      Channel.  Story on Whitman-Walker Clinic.





 2008               Virginia Commonwealth University,  MFA VCU Arts. Film and Photography Dept.



Visiting Artist Lectures



2010               Piedmont Arts Association.  Artist Panel.  ŅPoeÕs Playground.Ó


2009               Randolph College, Lynchburg College.  Driver Fund Lecture/Screening







2004-2013                Aperture Images, Represented by Aperture Images.


2009-present            Cinema Guild.  Distributor for ŅThe BeekeepersÓ and ŅRothsteinÕs First AssignmentÓ










Arizona State University

Art Museum of the University of Virginia

Art Museum of Western Virginia, Roanoke, VA

Belmont University

Bentley University

The College of New Jersey

Cornell University

Duke University

Furman University, Greenville SC

Museum of African American History

Northwestern University

Randolph College

Salt Lake City Community College

Temple University

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[1] As of July 2007 known as Randolph College